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Reputation Management Campaign Strategy

This post is meant to provide further detail to the strategy, creative, and optimization tactics used in a Reputation Management campaign. Your actual Campaign objectives, Tactics, and Success Metrics could be different than the ones I use here as examples.

Campaign Objectives:
1) Primary:
– Ensuring an online presence on all the top social networking websites.
2) Secondary:
– To control the information served by Google. To dominate the Search Results with webpages we create.

1) Optimizing the corporate website.
2) Internal linking strategy.
3) Have multiple web properties linking to your Target URL.
4) Bidding on name in Google, Yahoo, MSN.
5) Use Naymz – Naymz is an innovative Reputation Network that lets you establish and promote your good name online.
6) Increasing Link Popularity:
7) Paid Blogger Reviews
8) If necessary throw links at the blogger reviews.
9) Creating profile pages on the top social media websites. Building a robust profile page, and interacting with the community on each of the Social networking sites.
10) Creating forum posts, and profiles. Leveraging the use of the Title tag on forum threads. Identify strong forums. More info: Optimizing Title tags.
11) Leveraging the use of the Title tag on sites like: Rollyo and Wikipedia.
12) Personal Blog development
13) Choice of username when creating profiles: Firstname Lastname, or Firstname-Lastname depending on the site.

Target URL:

Measurement requirements:
1) Install Web Analytics tracking code on website, and ensure the Target URL is tagged properly.

Material needed:
1) Photo to use as profile photo, and avatar.

List of Social Networking Sites:

Reputation Monitoring Tools:
Google Web Search
Google Alerts

Success Metrics:
1) When somebody does a search for “Firstname Lastname” on any of the top social media sites, your official profile page should appear. Not any slanderous false pages.
2) Your Target URL to appear as the 1st position in the SERP’s.
3) Eliminate any bad press in the Search Results.

Next Steps:
Optimize corporate website.
Begin building profile pages.
Create a strategic link popularity campaign using blogger reviews.
Build a PPC campaign for Google, Yahoo, MSN.
Build a Naymz profile.

Campaign Review (Bi-Weekly):
First review on *Date*.

A good SEO Consultant should be able to craft the strategy & execute a Reputation Management campaign. Although, some clients might be more comfortable retaining the services of a dedicated Reputation Management specialist who even wrote a book about the subject.

Additional Sources:
The Future of PR is Participation, Not Pitching
Future of Online PR and Reputation Management
Reputation Management Emancipation Proclamation
Online Reputation Management Beginner’s Guide

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  1. great resource. cameron o creative an awesome rep management monitoring tool that should not be overlooked –

  2. Cheers for the shout out! 🙂

  3. Nicely done, very concise and to the point. Hopefully our blog has been on your radar for this topic 😉

    Looking forward to more posts 🙂

  4. Great resource! Trackur is awesome! Here’s another one:

  5. Good article, about to try the tactics step by step. Will let you know of my progress.

  6. With all the penguins and Pandas that Google has implemented. I wonder if these tactics still work? Its seems like negative information online is almost impossible to remove. Has anyone tried these tactice recently?

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