Shimon Sandler

Section 508 Compliance

What is Section 508 Compliance Law? It states that government websites are mandated by law to be Section 508 compliant…written & coded in a way that makes the website assessible for people with disabilities to read. There are now estimated to be 49.7 million people with some form of disability in the US accessing the Internet via traditional means.

Now we know the market volume of the target audience. But, there are several SEO benefits in implementing this correctly…even for non-government websites.

Implementing the 508 is a major endeavor, and quite frankly I don’t think it’s necessary component of the SEO plan to achieve high rankings in the Search Engines. There is lower hanging fruit which is less manually intensive, and cheaper, that will provide a bigger bang for the buck. But, a 508 implementation is definitely politically correct and the “right thing to do”.

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