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SEO for Mobile Search

I just happened to be playing around with Google’s new Mobile Search (beta). And, I typed in the search box, SEO Consultant. It was interesting to see none of the usual suspects in the SERP’s. That’s because Google Mobile Web Search allows you to search for websites that are specifically designed for mobile phones and devices. If the website isn’t formatted correctly, then it won’t appear in the Mobile SERP’s. My previous post on a SEO Consultant appeared in position #17 in the Web Search SERP’s.

According to Google:

1. What is a mobile site?

A mobile website is a Web page or pages that have been specifically formatted in a specific format, such as XHTML, WML, and iMode, that is suitable to be viewed on a cell phone or other mobile device.

2. I have a website in HTML, how do I change the format to fit the mobile formats?

You’ll need to re-write your page in XHTML, WML or iMode. We do not have any step-by-step tutorials to convert your website but there are a number of websites and books that can probably help you.

3. How can I make a WAP-compatible site?

You can build your own WAP compatible site using markup languages the phone understands, WML, XHTML, CHTML. If you don’t want to build a separate wap site, you can simply rely on our automatic translation system to convert your site on the fly. To see how your site will look after translation, go to and type in your URL. By tweaking your code a little, you can improve the way it looks on Google.

Here’s the website that had the #1 Position in Mobile Search for the term SEO Consultant. And, here’s how the same site looks non-wap enabled.

As you can see, Mobile Search is the new frontier, and has opened up another opportunity for SEO Consultants.

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