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SEO in New York or New Jersey

As an SEO Consultant in the New York metro area, it seems like I’m always asked the same question…Where are you based? New York, or New Jersey. Not that it matters, because an SEO Consultant in New York can do the required tasks anywhere in the world…even in India ( although, I wouldn’t recommend that).

Anyways, I just had a few drinks with my dinner ( or supper as some people say). 7 shots of full-bodied, burnt flovored, delicious Michters 10 yr old bourbon. Freakin delicious. A real American treat. So, excuse me if this post doesn’t make much sense.

I remember that someone ( i think it was Avi, but i’m not sure) posted about how it matters if you are linked in a neighborhood, as opposed to trying to get links from all over the place. Who cares if you have links all over the place? You are considered more important in the eyes of the engines if you have links within your niche neighborhood ( i hope i’m making sense). That’s how an engine like Google will decipher that you are important within your niche. If everyone links to you in your niche, then you must be important. Rather than the site that tries to get links from every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

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  1. true, it is more important to get links within your topical community than from all over the place. ask’s algo is very much focused on topical communities. hey, but what if CNN, or the NYT links to you? They are not in your community! Something to think about…

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