Shimon Sandler

SEO Powerpoint Presentation

I created this SEO Presentation as an educational / evangelistic way to promote Organic Search. It contains Industry Research and compelling reasons to conduct an SEO initiative. The sales slide is slide#7. There are a total of 16 slides.

If you’re spending your marketing budget on Paid Search, Banners and other Display ads, then this is the presentation that makes a strong case to allocate budget for Search Engine Optimization.

This deck can be used to educate existing clients, and persuade potential clients to hop onto the SEO bandwagon.

Also, there are a couple of slides on a Myspace Optimization.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this presentation. It saved me a lot of late night work 🙂

  2. Shimon, thanks for this pp presentation, I have to present something on SEO to my association and this will give me a good blueprint to follow, thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this power point Presentation I knew a lot of from it.

  4. Nice Presentation!! Thanks for sharing SHIMON!!

  5. Really Nice Seo PPT, Thanks For Sharing It..

  6. Thank you very much for this presentation Shimon. I have a presentation to do tomorrow and your ppt saved my night 🙂 Regards, Antoine

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