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SEO Quick Reference Sheet

Below is a quick reference guide that should help you optimize your site.

The specific optimization recommendations will differ depending on the keyword analysis per webpage.

Text is best. Javascript, Flash, and Images are bad. Best practice is to use Keyword in navigation links.
If a drop-down navigation, make sure it’s crawlable.
Rollovers are okay as long as they are crawlable.

URL Structure:
Build a static (not dynamic) URL structure to include the keywords (eg: Directory, path names, file names).
Hyphens, underscores, and forward slashes are good separators.
Dynamic URL’s are bad.

Page Content:
Make sure keywords are used appropriately in text links.
Ideally use at least 250-500 words of text between the body tags.
Use keyword throughout copy. Write UNIQUE content. Don’t just reuse a manufacturer’s product description (eg: duplicate content issues).
Create a footer with “quick links” that contain keyword.
Create a separate webpage for each keyword.

Source Code:
Write a Title tag & Meta Description (length, keyword usage, relevance, call to action).
Title and Description tags NEED to be different for every page.
Use a H1 and H2 tag, and include keyword.
Put any Javascript in an external file.
If necessary, carefully use the robots.txt file. Make sure it’s written correctly. Here’s a cool robots.txt generator tool. Check out the White House Robots.txt.
Check for www and non-www domains ( i.e., canonicalization issues). Only one should resolve; the other should redirect.
Use the keyword in image Alt tags.
The image filename should contain the keyword.

Check keyword usage in anchor text on sitemap page.
Make sure all important (category, sub-category, etc.) pages are listed.

By adhering to all these guidelines, and taking the time to do all the analysis correctly, this could take anywhere from 60 minutes to SEO your site, to several hours.

Ideally, if you can identify a page on the site that the subject matter is about one of your keywords. Then, you can optimize that specific page to the specific keyword. Basically, map each of your keywords to a particular webpage.

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