Shimon Sandler

My Intro Video

I’ve been wanting to get into making my own videos for quick some time. However, I’m not so sure that video is my forte’. I’ll need to make a few more short videos before coming to any kind of conclusion. So as a start, here’s my intro video.

Some things I’m pondering are:

1) How frequently to publish a video?
2) Schtick? Should there be a regular agenda, comedy routine, and/or props?
3) Does an SEO Blog need to feature videos? Is this a way an S­EO Con­s­ulta­n­t can h­elp? Is it really necessary?
4) How much editing will be needed? Software? Lighting? Equipment?

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  1. Allow me to help your ponderings with some of my opinions.

    1. This depends on what you want to use the videos for. If you are publishing for professional reasons, then you definitely want to make them a regular thing. My favorite video podcast is “The Synched Up Show” with Rich DeMuro. He does 3 a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ensure though that you always have something meaningful to say. I suppose though in the world of SEO optimization, there is a lot that can be said.

    If you are doing it for personal enjoyment, and more as a video blog of your everyday life. Post them everyday. You can do both. You know what? Do one everyday.

    2. Schtick is sometimes really hard to pull off. I think it’s more important to be yourself. If you are naturally funny then comedy might be a great addition to your videos. But there really isn’t anything funny about a non-funny person doing comedy. It’s just painful. Just be yourself.

    I think agenda’s are absolutely necessary for professional videos. They keep you on topic and time efficient. To a viewer, video isn’t like audio, you can’t watch it anywhere like when you’re driving or doing yard work. So keep your videos short. I would say 5-8 minutes is your limit then you start losing your audience.

    3. It depends. Will you show or will you tell. If you tell, then maybe a podcast is better. If you’re planning on showing then video is the way to go. The advantage video has is you can really connect with your audience in a way that you can’t with audio.

    4. Editing is the bane of my existence. I try not to edit at all, which is probably my biggest opportunity with video. It’s time consuming and tedious. What I love most about web video is that you don’t need any high end equipment to get the job done. 99% of the time the video editing software that comes with your computer is good enough. You can buy a Flip Mino and get good quality video and lighting is nothing more than a lamp.

    I’m very partial to video and I hope you at least experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. I’m also glad to see you’re on Viddler, which is, in my opinion, the best video site on the net.

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