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Spanish Language Search Engines – Hispanic SEM

When marketing to a Hispanic demographic it makes sense to use search engines that are specific to the Latino market, and/or have a large hispanic user-base. Below is some useful data to help your Hispanic search strategy.

Search Engine market share to Hispanics:
Google: 72%
Yahoo: 17%
MSN: 2%
Combined Local Country Engines (see list below): 9%

Demographic of typical Hispanic search user:
1) Users tend to be younger, and do more online.
2) 49% speak Spanish fluently.
3) 13% of the US Population.
4) 51% US Hispanic adults view web in Spanish.
Racial Groups - White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian

Top 10 Hispanic Search Regions in the US (based upon searching in Spanish):
1. Florida
2. Texas
3. New Jersey
4. California
5. Arizona
6. Washington DC
7. New York
8. Nevada
9. Connecticut
10. Utah

Search Marketing Tactics to Target US Hispanics:
1) Set both English & Spanish as the target languages on both Google and Google Espanol.
2) Opt into the content network to increase your impressions and clicks. Contextually relevant messages via AdSense (eg: MySpace Espanol, and international Spanish sites which are in the Google Content Network).
3) Create Regional (geo-targeted), and Nationwide campaigns.
4) Local advertising via Google Maps to Hispanic areas.
5) Experiment with Dynamic keyword insertion.
6) Experiment with Spanish language in the ad copy.

Spanish Language Search Engines (many are distribution partners with Google or Y!):
Wanadoo Spanish:
Google in Spanish:
Yahoo in Spanish:
Yahoo Search Marketing Mexico:
MSN Latino:
Directa Click Network:
Terra: (Spain)
Terra Mexico: (Mexico)
Terra Argentina: (Argentina)
Terra Brazil: (Brazil)
IG Busca: (Brazil)
Terra Chile: (Chile)
AOL in Spanish: (Mexico)
Lycos in Spanish:
AOL in Spanish: (Argentina)
Excite in Spanish:
Brujula: (Mainly Argentina)
Mundo Latino:
Antena: (Chile)
MSN in Spanish:
Mexmaster: (Mexico)
Tiscali in Spanish:
Mexico Web: (Mexico)
Auyentepui: (Venezuela)
Caraygaray: (Argentina)
Xolo: (Nicaragua)
Iguana: (Mexico)
Panama 1: (Panama)
Ideay: (Nicaragua)
Latin World:
Buscapique: (Latin America)
Buscador Espanol:
Hondurainfo: (Honduras)
Terra Venezuala: (Venezuela)
Todo Latino:
UOL Busca: (Brazil)

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  1. This provides some really valuable information for those people wishing to target the Hispanic population. The percentages themselves reveal that this population should not be overlooked. I think that the suggestions provided in order to most effectively target this population base are also very important to consider. I especially agree with the last point which advises to experiment using Spanish language in the ad copy, especially when you take into account that 51% of US Hispanic adults view the web in Spanish!

  2. Brazil is not “hispanic” nor do we speak spanish.

  3. Liz says:

    Good list but you forgot one that’s fairly new, it’s a Spanish websites only. Check it out for yourself …

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