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SEO NYC – I’m Local

I get a lot of enquiries from all over the United States, and the rest of the world. If anyone is interested to know where I live and work, it’s New York City. The big apple, baby. I love it here. And, it’s nice to know that if you want a local SEO in NYC that I’m right around the corner.

Advantages of a Local SEO in NYC:
1) Meeting face-2-face for meetings.
2) No language barrier. No heavy foreign accent when you have to say, “what”, “huh”, “say that again”, “can you repeat that” etc.
3) Going to lunch together.
4) Working in the same time zone. I’m working when you are. We can email, IM, phone calls, etc.
5) No long-distance phone calls. Everything is local.
6) Understanding of the local customs, and economy.
7) Understanding the local SEO.
8 ) Being friends & networked with many others who are a local seo consultant.

My SEO strategies and tactics are customized for each SEO project. Whether it takes a few tweaks, or a major overhaul which requires interacting with cross-functional teams, I have the experience to successfully manage & accomplish your SEO goals.

My team consists of:
1) Senior SEO Strategist (myself)
2) SEO Analyst
3) SEO Copywriter
4) Programmer
5) Graphic Artist

I’d personally love to hear from you. My personal email is: shimsand [AT] gmail dot com

Or just click on this button to email me: Contact Me for SEO Consulting

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