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Get in Front of your Audience Without Search Engines

What if your target audience doesn’t really use search engines in their business? Perhaps financial executives? What if your target keywords are low volume? Furthermore what if you only have a 10 page website that you started only a week ago? Hmm. Seems like a tough situation. How are you going to get new business? How will you get in front of your target audience online?

As much as I love SEO, I wouldn’t recommend it in this scenerio. No need for an SEO Consultant. The website/blog will most likely be too new & weak to make any kind of impact using SEO. My recommendation would be the use of high quality content in combination with Social Media.

Although, the target audience probably gets their information in other ways than the search engines. Like RSS feeds, email newsletters, trade journals, etc.

If you could get noticed by the Wall Street Journal writer on Twitter, who then decides to link to your blog post, that could be your best method of getting in front of your target audience. Because it’s pretty safe to assume that financial executives read the Wall St Journal.

It’s the combination of creating high-quality content, along with nurturing and building a strong profile on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Plan of Attack:
Step 1: Start using Twitter and Facebook regularly.
Step 2: Create high-quality content.
Step 3: Tweet your content.
Step 4: Write a Blog post about the subject, and link to your Tweet, and link to other high-profile bloggers in the post so they notice you.

Ideas for Content:
1. Create a white paper,
2. Tutorial video,
3. In-depth blog post,
4. Take a stand on a controversial issue, or
5. Attack someone else’s position on an issue.

Journalists, reporters, editors, bloggers, are all on Twitter. If they see your content and like it…perhaps they’ll link to it from a story they write. Or, maybe you’ll get mentioned in an email newsletter. Thats one way to get in front of your target audience without using Search Engines.

It’s great to have a website or a blog. It’s almost mandatory in the 21st century. But, equally mandatory is spending time on specific social networks and building a solid profile. In the scenerio I described above, perhaps starting a conversation on Twitter, and publishing a blog post that contains a link to other high profile bloggers is the best strategy to get in front of your target audience through RSS feeds, email newsletters, trade journals, etc.

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