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Twitter Tip: How to Attract Related Followers

I’ve been asked by a Twitter skeptic how you can ever have a related group of followers on Twitter. The skeptic seems to think that Twitter is just a collection of people with unrelated interests that just like to Tweet. After the conversation, I thought a short video post with a Twitter tip would be nice.

Twitter is whatever you make it. Personally, I see great value in having a group of people that share the same interests as I do. I like the question and answering, and the retweeting, and the whole social aspect to it. I also like that it’s fast, and is a great way to promote a website, and/or start a conversation, get a message out, get feedback, branding, customer service, etc.

In response to building a group of people Tweeple that share interests, here’s a 1 minute video on how to build your Twitter profile full of followers that share your interests.

Twellow is a great tool for accomplishing this. But, it shouldn’t be the only tactic you use. I also like to find people on Twitter Search using keyword searches for: SEO, PPC, Marketing, Advertising, Google, Yahoo, Social Media, etc.

Then, I click on their profile to read their Bio, and see if they interact with others. Interaction is a biggie for me. The people that have a huge following, but only follow a small amount are very often into sending a one-way message. And, that might be fine for whatever they’re trying to accomplish, but I personally like the interactions of a dialogue…not a monologue.

If you like what you see, then follow that person. They’ll get an email from Twitter alerting them that you just followed them. And, if you’re Tweeting about the same stuff, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back. There ya go. It’s that simple.

I had just woken up a little while ago, so unfortunately I look like a need a cup of coffee.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Search in Google for:

    “bio seo”
    “bio * seo”

    pretty easier if you set to 100 results.

  2. Shimon are you planning on getting one of those Twitter Whale tattoos? Hear that is good for getting 3000 followers

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