Shimon Sandler

Using Search in Reputation Management

What happens if a company, brand, or individual gets slammed in the news? Especially, if the bad news gets a high position in the search engine rankings. It would seem like a good time to urgently ramp up a reputation management and repair campaign. So, here’s a few thoughts on how to use Search for that purpose.

1) Optimize the site(s). If necessary, hire an SEO Consultant.
2) Create a Viral campaign that will generate a lot of incoming links.
3) Conduct a Linking campaign.
4) Googlebowl them over.

1) Conduct a PPC campaign in multiple search engines. Create keyword lists that contain mispellings, brand terms, people names, product names, bad news, good news, etc.
2) Use Yahoo’s Paid Inclusion.
3) Opt into the Content Networks.

Using digital channels such as Blogs & Press Releases are also very effective for Online Reputation management and repair.

It looks like 1 & 1 Web Hosting is gonna be needing some reputation repair real soon.

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  1. Shimon …. one of the competing companies of ours received over a dozen of complaints that ultimately ended up at the Consumer Reports website. Outcome was that when people typed the company’s name, Consumer reports site would show up in #2 and #3 on Google with a Title (Consumer Complaints against “company name”)

    What this company did is they changed their TITLE to say the following….

    (“Company name” what they do … Consumer Rating A)

    Kind of amusing.

    Let this be a reminder that we’re not in the 60s. Poor performance will be acknowledged by consumers and spread out like a virus (with the help of the Internet). The bigger you are and the worse the experience you provide … the faster it will spread.

  2. Shimon,

    May I add a #4 to Pay-Per-Click:

    4) Optimize your PPC landing page. Check out the Google announcement I covered today at the eMetrics Summit in Washington, DC:

    (sorry for the long URL).


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