Shimon Sandler

What do you do for a living?

For years I’ve never really known how to answer the question, ” What do you do for a living?” My typical answer is, marketing, internet marketing, Search engine marketing, or SEO Consultant, but the typical person has no idea what SEM is. When I say Search Engine Marketing, the typical response is: “Oh, what search engine do you work with?” Then, I have to explain what Search Engine Marketing is in a sentence or two. I’m getting used to the response.

But I finally have it figured out. It took me awhile, but I think I finally got it. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I will now say “Advertising” or, “Internet Advertising”. It is so much simpler, and I think people understand what advertising is. So, my thought is that they’ll think Internet advertising must be advertising on the internet. Sounds logical, right? Hopefully, that will make the conversation go much more smoothly. Although, I haven’t had the opportunity to test my new theory out yet.

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  1. […] As Shimon Sandler understands, it’s always been hard for me to tell people what I do. I usually get the blank stare and a quick conversation transition to something else. In the past I’ve always said ‘I design websites’ which is what I truly started out doing – as a kid and I think web design is still sometimes seen as more of a kid/teenage type job. The problem with saying I design websites is that people will ask for a business card/website so they can look at some of my work. Well I don’t really have a business site because I don’t want to design other peoples websites nor do I want them seeing the ones I’ve designed and have contextual ads on them. So now I just tell them that I do internet marketing and that seems to work alright… know one has really wanted to know anything beyond that but every once in awhile someone will ask me what that entails. I usually just tell them that I get websites to show up on Google for things people search for and overall try to get people to come to websites. […]

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